About Me


I’m a very ambitious person who dreams of doing many different things in my life! I get excited about anything I do whether it’s singing or studying the constellations. Some basic information about me is that I am very much in love with the world especially the tropical wonderlands as you can see in the picture. But you could take me anywhere and I’d still be gazing and gaping at the world around me.

I also have an amazing boyfriend named Caleb that Iv’e been dating for 2 years now.

I’ve been writing a story called “Fruit Snack Eyes” for 5 years now, I say this because it’s going to explain my name. “Lotus Grapevine” is my characters name and I just fell in love with it so much that I use the name for literally every social media I have, except Facebook. I have my own photography business and I study all of the constellations. I can’t get enough of this world so I decided to study out of it as well! I auditioned for America’s Got Talent in 2016 and planning on doing so every single year until I have the chance to get on the show, I’m auditioning for The Voice summer 2018! I’m also getting into an acting and modeling agency to start my acting career.


My plans for the future:

I decided to not go to college and just live my life. I don’t need college for the things I’m going to pursue. I’m going right into the acting and modeling industry and going to work hard until I’m discovered! My biggest acting dream is to be in a Marvel film. Later in life after I’ve done many movies, I will start my record label business and produce my music through that, I will also sign other artists and bands! I also plan on my making Lotus’s story into a movie! My other plan is to just be free. Have my mansion dream house by the lake and be able to just go boating every now and then. I want it so bad.